Formulate arched wall

Structure made of aluminum pipes with a diameter of 30 mm.

  • Graphics can be double-sided.
  • Easy assembly thanks to numbered parts.
  • Transport bag with space for graphics.

System measurements (H x W x D in mm):

2380 x 2350 x 600

2380 x 2958 x 600

Visible graphic area (H x W in mm):

2330 x 2500

2330 x 3070


An arched advertising wall, printed to your individual design, will surely impress and attract the attention of your customers.

Stylish arched wall. It optically expands the space, making it perfect for the construction of a simple stand.

The Formulate arched advertising wall consists of a 100% aluminum frame with the printed fabric stretched over it.

The large surface of the arched advertising wall (2.3m x 2.9m or 2.3m x 5.8m) allows placing several advertised products or one in a very impressive way with e.g. your company logo and other details.

The structure is very easy to install, mobile and, most importantly, stable.

The wall frame and the material with graphics are 100% made in Poland.

The walls are made to order, and their size can be adapted to individual preferences. With that, it can be an element of the stand.



  • Robust aluminum tubular structure
  • Graphics finished with a zipper.
  • One- or two-sided graphics.
  • Easy assembly thanks to clear marking of components.

System measurements (mm):

  • Straight wall 3m:
    2336 x 2840 x 583
  • Straight wall 6m:
    2336 x 5756 x 975
Ścianka łukowa formulate