Printed roof drains

Printed drain caps mounted with Velcro directly to the tent roof.

They allow applying an advertisement or changing an advertisement without having to replace the entire roof.

The drain caps are made to measure for a specific roof size with graphics defined individually.


VITABRI provides the possibility of printing and attaching the so-called roof drains.

The drain cap is part of the roof, a horizontal strip around 40 cm high, whose length depends on the size of the tent.

Additional drain caps are attached directly to the roof with special Velcro fastenings.

If you want to change your advertisement placed on the roof, additional printed drains make it possible, so the user does not incur any significant costs related to replacing the entire roof coating and printing on it, but only the cost of sewing and printing the drains themselves.

Additional, attached, printed drain caps are an ideal solution for individuals/companies that operate on many levels and work with many products.

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