Standard VITABRI deckchair with overprint

Apart from their leisure function, STANDARD advertising deckchairs are a very good and practical form of advertising.

Deckchairs with a print of the company's logo or slogan allow for the identification of the company as a sponsor or patron during various events.

The deckchairs are made of solid beech wood (without knots) and are certified in accordance with the applicable European EN standards. Made in Poland.

Prints on advertising deckchairs

Depending on the quantity and the design itself, printing on advertising deckchairs can be made using various printing techniques: sublimation, thermal transfer or screen printing.

Full-color overprint - high quality, made by sublimation on the entire surface of the fabric - one-sided print, where the back remains white. The number of colors does not affect the price. Printing according to CMYK and PANTONE guarantees real color reproduction while maintaining the highest durability and resistance to UV radiation. The print does not wear out - we use the highest quality inks and materials. We make visualizations with selected products and provide professional graphic assistance. We make our own prints, which allows for immediate implementation.


Specification of the STANDARD advertising deckchair

  • Beech wood without knots
  • Three backrest adjustment positions, with locks
  • Movable elements connected with rivets
  • Certificate in accordance with applicable European EN standards
  • Printing using the sublimation method, high resistance to abrasion
  • Possibility of wood impregnation in various colors
  • Possibility to add armrests or cupholders to the structure

Size: 125x54x3.2 cm


Impregnation of the wood in the deckchair structure

It is possible to impregnate the wood of the deckchair and give it a different color than natural wood.



Leżak Vitabri standard