Beach flag is an ideal way to attract attention.

We have flags with aluminum masts combined with glass fiber.

The mast bases are equipped with a rotator that allows the flag to rotate.
We have 3 sizes of flags:
90 x 200cm flag, total structure height 250 cm
90 x 300cm flag, total structure height 350 cm
90 x 400cm flag, total structure height 450 cm
As mast bases, we offer:

-Metal weighting bases 7 kg and 15 kg and concrete bases 20 kg

-Large and small crosspieces with a PVC rotator

-Flag punch with a PVC rotator

VITABRI advertising flags attract the attention of every potential customer.
It perfectly complements an event stand that will not only look better, but also become much more visible.


We make winder advertising flags, also known under a different name as beachflags.

VITABRI winder advertising flags are universal, dynamic, easy to use and affordable.

The prints on the flags are made using the sublimation method, which gives the flag a very distinctive color and, at the same time, is just as visible from both sides. Printing with the sublimation method gives a high resistance to UV, which will let the flag look brand new for a long period of use.


Sizes of VITABRI advertising flags:


A complete advertising flag includes:

- flag on polyester material 120g/m2 with sublimation print as per the customer's design,
- aluminum mast connected to fiberglass due to the upper bend of the flag,
- the base of the flag pole, depending on the ground it will be standing on,
- rotator mounted in the base of the mast, allowing free rotation of the flag in the wind direction for safety reasons


VITABRI flag transport cover

Each VITABRI advertising flag is packed in a bag that protects the flag during transport. The bag has handles for easy transport of the flag.


Types of fasteners for VITABRI flags to the ground:


Our bases are fitted with rotators. These are the elements that determine the stability of the flags.

They allow the flag to rotate to the gusts of wind.


Podstawa metalowa 7kg
Metal base 7 kg with a PVC rotator
Podstawa metalowa 15kg
Metal base 15 kg with a PVC rotator
Krzyżak mały
Small cross with a PVC rotator
Krzyżak duży
Large cross with a PVC rotator
Wbijak flagi reklamowej
Advertising flag punch with a PVC rotator
Podstawa betonowa 20kg
Concrete base 20 kg with a PVC rotator
Podstawa najazdowa
Ramp base with PCV rotator
Mocowanie flagi
Fixing a flag to the V3 tent leg
Flagi Vitabri color