Wooden a-board with a chalk board

The a-board with a wave-shaped top rail is a very elegant and original showcase of your company. You can additionally laser-engrave your LOGO, company name or advertisement on the top rail of the a-board. The frame of the board is 4 cm wide and made of stained wood.

A-board measurements

  • external size - 61 x 118 cm
  • plate surface - 53 x 80 cm
  • slat width - 4 cm
  • weight - 6kg


The wooden a-board with a chalk board is the perfect tool for presenting news and promotion in the open.

It is possible to write with chalk on both sides of the product, which provides greater opportunities to be noticed by customers.
The a-board frame is made of wood covered with stain.
This a-board has a limiter in the form of a chain to prevent it from unfolding too much.

Writing boards are made of HDF board. HDF board can be written on either with plain chalk or with a special chalk marker. What you write you can then remove with an ordinary wet cloth.
This type of chalk a-board for restaurateurs is an indispensable tool at work.

The product is precisely made, which makes it extremely durable and stable.

The main advantages of the chalk a-board:

  • Frame made of wood covered with stain
  • Double-sided writing surface made of HDF board
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Allows changing information quickly
  • Robust and durable
  • Wind resistance: 20 – 29 km/h

System measurements (mm):

Size of the wooden a-board with a chalk board:
1180 (H) x 610 (W) x 825 (D)

Measurements of the chalk board itself (mm):
800 (H) x 530 (W)

Weight: 6 kg

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