Fixing a flag to the tent leg

Fastening the flag on aluminum buckles allows for direct mounting of the flag pole to the tent leg, without the need to use the bases attached to the flag pole.

The flag mounting tube is made of stainless steel, the clamps are 100% aluminum. It has an additional pin that allows setting the flagpole in one position.

The flag mount is very elegant and highly stable


In a situation where space does not allow it, or you do not intend to carry additional burdens with you in the form of weight plates for advertising flags, it is possible to mount the flag directly to the leg of the VITABRI V3 tent.

Attaching the flag directly to the leg of the V3 tent gives better visibility of the entire event stand from a distance, due to the flag being attached at a higher level.

The flag mounting is very esthetic and robust. It is made of aluminum clamps and a stainless steel pipe which the flagpole is put into.

The mount has a special additional pin that allows placing the flag in a fixed position so that it does not rotate in the wind.

Fixing measurements:

8x60cm (W x H)

Weight: 1 kg