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VITABRI tents are perfect for roofing a hotel garden, providing shelter from rain, but also excessive sunlight.

Hotels often use VITABRI tents when organizing events such as weddings, banquets, etc.

Setting up and using VITABRI tents does not require the approval of the Provincial Building Supervision Inspector. The tents are 100% mobile, without any loose parts, and they can be unfolded in 30 seconds.

Hotel owners love the exemplary quality of VITABRI's structures, their quality of coatings, as well as the wide range of solutions facilitating work in the form of additional accessories for tents.

The esthetics of our tents will beautify the terrace of many hotels and certainly attract or retain many of your customers.


Our clients are also restaurateurs who have come to appreciate fast mobile canopies with the possibility of setting up for the entire season or with the option of their immediate folding.

VITABRI tents do not require any construction permits that interfere with the ground.

VITABRI restaurant tents can be used as a roof for a beer garden, for a part of a restaurant or as a completely independent point of sale for meals and beverages. Restaurant tents fitted with Cristal side walls (transparent) will separate the customer area from passers-by, giving them a sense of privacy.

Their mobility, 100% aluminum reinforced structure with a 5-year warranty and high esthetics are the advantages that convince more and more restaurateurs to use VITABRI tents in their restaurants.

When organizing outdoor events with the participation of catering, there is no better solution than VITABRI catering tents, which are simply made for this!

If you are looking for a roof for your restaurant or beer garden, the VITABRI catering tent will be the right solution.


In recent years, food trucks have become a very popular form of catering service, which can reach wherever an event is organized due to their mobile nature.


Food truck owners are increasingly using VITABRI catering tents to cover their consumer area. Such a solution gives their customers shelter from rain or sun and, additionally, when ordering a tent with visual identification (overprint), it makes it easier to see their promoted brand and product.


VITABRI tent structures are fully reinforced, made of 100% aluminum, which makes them much lighter than steel structures and much more mobile. VITABRI gives a 5-year warranty for the structure of catering tents, which proves their outstanding durability.


The VITABRI catering tent for the food truck industry can be fully adapted to the needs of the customer according to their strictly customized requirements. Our customer can choose from 20 structure sizes from 4m2 to 32m2, several types of coating materials - including those with a flame retardant certificate.

VITABRI offers permanent sublimation printing that will definitely highlight the character of your catering tent, which will certainly translate into greater recognition of your brand.







All VITABRI structures can be connected modularly using only a special double connecting clamp, and by installing a drainage gutter between the structures.

Each VITABRI restaurant tent is characterized by high strength of the structure ensuring stability and safety during its long-term use.

See the structure specifications of each of the 3 VITABRI tent models, compare our quality with others.

VITABRI structures are certified by BVCTS (French Office for External Structures Safety) for wind gusts up to 100 km/h.



When choosing a tent for a restaurant or hotel, the customer basically has a full choice of the color of the coating, as well as the type of fabric.

All our coating materials are made in the EU (Poland, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain) and each of them has a quality certificate. This gives you a guarantee of both material durability and the esthetics itself. The coating materials will not have any blemishes or fade after a short time, as is the case with materials from Asian producers.

More information on the fabrics and colors of VITABRI tent covers can be found  HERE



Each VITABRI tent can be sewn according to specific standards, but of course we are also able to adapt to your individual requirements and imagination.

To make it easier for you to choose the tent coating configuration, VITABRI has prepared ready-made solutions SEE


An exemple catering tent can be additionally fitted with:

  • side walls
  • transparent Cristal windows in the side
  • walls with a mosquito net
  • airy walls made of curtains
  • a roof lining covering the frame structure
  • crinkled casings on the legs finished with a trim
  • rolled door in the wall with a zipper
  • a set of frills for the roof
  • a set of weights or fixing pins
  • LED lighting 30W (wired 230V) or LED lighting (wireless POWERBANK USB)
  • quartz heater
  • Connect modular floor

All additional accessories for the tent can be found on our website. HERE



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