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Vitabri advertising tents - first impression matters

Advertising tents
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The VITABRI advertising tent is an original and attractive way of marketing communication. A well-thought-out advertising stand that attracts the customers’ attention is already half the battle! It should be visible, ensure brand recognition and at the same time be elegant, presenting your products in a professional way.

VITABRI offers comprehensive equipment for your stand used during various types of fairs and exhibitions, sports events and spectacles. Our engineering team has developed pop-up tents specifically designed to meet the purposes of safety, simplicity and mobility in your business.



namiot promocyjny vitabri v3 s5 4x6m tvn turbo amic

VITABRI structures are 100% aluminum, fully reinforced, and covered by a 5-year warranty.

VITABRI structures have been the work of our engineers for 25 years, focusing on their main features, i.e. durability, mobility, esthetics and modern solutions that facilitate setting them up. VITABRI has design patents, which gives it an advantage over the competition frames. VITABRI structures are made of hard anodized aluminum and are fully reinforced. VITABRI frames are also certified for wind resistance up to 100 km/h.

Vitabri offers 4 tent models in 24 structure sizes from 4 m2 up to 64 m2.


A proven model due to its good price-quality ratio is our bestseller - the VITABRI V3 tent (18 sizes). The V3 structure is fully reinforced with a 50mm hexagonal leg profile, 100% aluminum. It has a very wide range of additional accessories for the tent, such as lighting, fastening systems, ready-made mobile sales systems, etc. 

namiot promocyjny vitabri v3 kerabike
namiot reklamowy hexa vitabri
namiot reklamowy vitabri 4x4m ytong
namiot reklamowy vitabri julbo 3x6m
namiot reklamowy vitabri v3 2x3 dedra
namiot reklamowy vitabri v3 3x45m nadruk sublimacyjny
namiot z nadrukiem sublimacyjnym vitabri 4x4 m
namot z nadrukiem vitabri 3x3 m
namiot reklamowy vitabri v3 3x3m dechathlon
stoisko wystawowe vitabri v3 namiot dla avon


Another tent with VITABRI's patented gas boom system in the legs is the VITABRI V5 tent (3 sizes). Very robust structure with a leg profile of 85mm. It is a tent for those who appreciate the full elegance, mobility and stability of the structure while maintaining low weight due to the 100% aluminum, fully reinforced structure.

namiot promocyjny VITABRI V5 Bikes
namiot promocyjny VITABRI V5 3x4,5m z nadrukiem sublimacyjnym
namiot promocyjny z nadrukiem VITABRI V5 3x3m
namiot reklamowy VITABRI V5 3x3m z nadrukiem REMADYAS
namiot wystawowy VITABRI V5 3x3m
namioty reklamowe VITABRI V5 3x3m SPECIALIZED
namioty promocyjne VITABRI V5 z nadrukiem
namiot wystawowy VITABRI V5 4x4m


Ostatnim modelem namiotu z konstrukcji aluminiowych jest namiot VITABRI V2 (5 rozmiarów). Model V2 odznacza się niespotykaną wytrzymałością konstrukcji. Jego noga to profil o średnicy aż 108 mm. W nogach również posiada system wysięgników gazowych podnoszących konstrukcję. Jest to namiot klasy PREMIUM i nie ma sobie równych. 

namiot promocyjny VITABRI V2 3x3m Urzad Miasta KAtowice
namiot reklamowy VITABRI V2 5x5m Continental
namiot wystawowy VITABRI V2 5x5m Lubinpex
namiot wystawowy VITABRI V2 5x5m
namiot z nadrukiem VITABRI V2 4x6m OSADKOWSKI
namioty wystawowe VITABRI 5x5m Toray
namioty wystawowe VITABRI V2 4x6m YAZEED


VITABRI has expanded its offer with the AirDOME constant pressure tent (6 sizes). Its innovative inflatable structure allows you to set up the tent in just a few minutes. The AirDOME design does not require a permanent connection to electricity; once inflated, it will maintain its constant pressure for 7 days without having to pump it up. The perfect solution to avoid lifting and transport problems.

Its modern look catches the eye immediately and does not allow you to forget about it!

namiot reklamowy AirDome 4x4m Karcher
namiot stalocisnieniowy Airdome 4x4m VITABRI Muchowiec
namiot stalocisnieniowy Airdome 6x6m
namiot stałociśnieniowy airdome 4x4m
 namiot stałociśnieniowy airdome stoisko promocyjne


By introducing innovations, we decided to procure green materials for printing from the latest environmentally friendly trends. The knowledge and competences of our team make us flexible and competitive in action.

Tent coatings are very precisely made of the highest quality materials: Polish or high-grade German polyester 210-280g/m2, French acrylic 300g/m2 or Portuguese PVC 450g/m2 with M2 flame retardant certificate.

Selected materials guarantee a long life, esthetic appearance and resistance to weather conditions such as UV exposure (fading) or 100% water resistance.

The full color range of our materials is available HERE


VITABRI promotional tents will provide you with a specific goal, which is to draw the customer's attention to your products and the brand you want to promote. This will only be possible with an attractive stand and an remarkable graphic design with high-quality print.

Tents with overprint in whole or in part, on a wall or on the roof drain, are a proven self-promotion measure - it gives maximum benefits at a low cost! You will see how quickly our printed tents will become your indispensable advertising tool during promotional events, fairs or exhibitions.

Each VITABRI promotional tent is not only an advertisement; it is also a shelter for staff and goods against unfavorable weather conditions. VITABRI constructions are very durable and the tent coatings are 100% waterproof, so no wind or rain will spoil your event.

A large number of ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES FOR THE TENT available at VITABRI as well as a wide range of ADVERTISING PRODUCTS complementing the promotional stand will allow it to be comprehensively equipped with the necessary elements for its promotion and work on it.


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