Folding aluminum table VITABRI PRO

Folding aluminum table VITABRI PRO is an irreplaceable display element during fairs and exhibitions.

It is also used as trade stand equipment.

The table stands on a very strong aluminum structure, it has a load capacity of up to 100 kg.

All VITABRI PRO table connectors are made of polycarbonate, which gives them extraordinary durability.

The VITABRI PRO table is foldable to a very small size thanks to its spider structure, which allows very easy handling

The table top is made of MDF board and additionally upholstered with an aluminum strip for protection.

The table tops for larger sizes can also be folded to facilitate transport.

The VITABRI PRO folding table has the option of choosing different colors of the table tops, which will definitely make you stand out.

The structure has a 5-step height adjustment of the legs, which allows adjusting the height of the table to the needs or align a specific leg due to uneven terrain.

The VITABRI PRO table can also be fitted with swivel wheels with a brake; these are helpful when you are moving the table and you do not want to take off the things laid on it.

It is also possible to make a dress with an overprint as an addition to the VITABRI PRO table. The printed dress is attached to the table structure with special Velcro fastening. Looks very professional.

The VITABRI PRO table with a printed dress is a perfect advertisement for your exhibition stand.