Folding catering table

Folding catering table, intended for events, outdoor events.

Frame: powder coated metal

Table top material: polyethylene

Color: white

Measurements: 182x74x72 cm

Measurements after folding: 90x10x74 cm

Weight 15.5kg


The catering table is an irreplaceable equipment item when organizing various types of outdoor events.

These types of catering tables are often used during the organization of weddings, birthdays or ordinary outdoor barbecues.

When buying a tent from us, VITABRI customers also buy such a table and use it as an equipment for a trade fair stand or a commercial tent.

First of all, its big advantage is the fact that it is the so-called suitcase folding table. There is a special silicone-coated handle for carrying. This significantly facilitates handling and thus, mobility.

Our catering table has a structure made of powder coated steel and a table top made of durable HDPE polyethylene. The table legs are reinforced with brackets, and are secured with a steel lock after unfolding. The top is stiffened with additional metal locks.


Unfolded size: (W x D x H) 182 cm x74 cm x74 cm
Folded size: (W x D x H) 91 cm x 7.5 cm x74 cm

Weight 13kg

Stół cateringowy