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At the heart of VITABRI's activity since the company's inception, the priority has been to develop the best possible structures for the commercial sector. VITABRI focused its attention on traders who need to travel with their equipment and goods, who require that their sales stands be extremely stable, easy to set up and esthetic.

Customized to your needs or products, a commercial tent is your company's showpiece, the best advertising medium that attracts customers and makes you stand out from your competitors.

Commercial tents are the perfect protection against unfavorable weather conditions; they will protect you and your products against too much sunlight, as well as against rain or wind.

The solutions designed by VITABRI for commercial tents include a number of amenities that allow working in the field unhindered. VITABRI offers NOMAD SHOP® counter, shelf and hanger systems, which will present your products in a professional way.

Accessories in the form of LED lighting, also cordless, rechargeable will allow you to work at night. Infrared heaters installed directly on the VITABRI structure will keep you warm, providing instant warmth inside the tent.

In order to meet the expectations of traders, VITABRI offers aluminum folding VITABRI PRO commercial tables as well as aluminum folding chairs.


We are also completely flexible when it comes to customizing the commercial tent in terms of appearance and size. VITABRI offers over 20 structure sizes from 4 m2 - 25 m2. Each commercial tent coating can be sewn according to your expectations - a commercial tent may have doors, windows, window blinds, half walls, panoramic walls, an awning and many others.

VITABRI structures are 100% aluminum, fully reinforced, and covered by a 5-year warranty.

VITABRI structures have been the work of our engineers for 25 years, focusing on their main features, i.e. durability, mobility, esthetics and modern solutions that facilitate setting them up. VITABRI has design patents, which gives it an advantage over the competition frames. VITABRI structures are made of hard anodized aluminum, fully reinforced. VITABRI frames are also certified for wind resistance up to 100 km/h.

VITABRI is a manufacturer of commercial tents with 25 years of experience. Everything is made in our company; we ensure full availability of spare parts with shipment to the customer on the next working day.



A proven model due to its good price-quality ratio is our bestseller - the VITABRI V3 commercial tent (18 sizes). The V3 structure is fully reinforced with a 50mm hexagonal leg profile, 100% aluminum. It has a very wide range of additional accessories for the tent, such as lighting, fastening systems, ready-made mobile sales systems, etc.


namiot handlowy VITABRI 3x3m ekspresowy
namiot handlowy VITABRI V3 2x4m
namiot handlowy wystawowy VITABRI V3 Nomad shop
 namioty handlowe VITABRI V3 2x3m targi
namioty handlowe VITABRI V3 3x3m jarmark Bożonarodzeniowy
namioty handlowe VITABRI V3 3x3m jarmark
namioty handlowe VITABRI V3 3x3m jarmarki
namioty handlowe VITABRI V3 3x3m Murchowiec Targ Katowice
 namioty handlowe VITABRI V3 3x3m Wrocław
namioty handlowe VITABRI V3 3x6m
namioty handlowe VITABRI V3

Another tent with VITABRI's patented gas boom system in the legs is the VITABRI V5 commercial tent (3 sizes). Very robust structure with a leg profile of 85mm. It is a tent for those who appreciate the full elegance, mobility and stability of the structure while maintaining low weight due to the 100% aluminum, fully reinforced structure.


namiot handlowy VITABRI V5 3x3m namiot aluminiowy
namiot handlowy VITABRI V5 3x3m szybkorozkladany
namiot handlowy VITABRI V5 3x3m
namiot handlowy VITABRI v5 3x4,5m specialized
namiot handlowy VITABRI V5 4x4m
namioty handlowe VITABRI V5 3x4,5m ekspresowe
namioty handlowe VITABRI V5 namioty ekspresowe

The last model of the tent made of aluminum structures is the VITABRI V2 commercial tent (5 sizes). The V2 model is characterized by unprecedented structural strength. Its leg is a profile with a diameter of as much as 108mm. The legs also have a system of gas booms lifting the structure. It is a PREMIUM class tent and is second to none.


namiot handlowy VITABRI V2 3x3m miasto Katowice
namiot handlowy VITABRI V2 3x3m namioty szybkorozkladane rynki
namiot handlowy VITABRI V2 4x6m targi wystawy
namiot handlowy VITABRI V2 5x5m aluminiowy szybkorozkladany
namiot handlowy VITABRI V2 5x5m Continental
namiot handlowy VITABRI V2 5x5m wystawy targi
namioty handlowe VITABRI V2 4x6m ekspresowe
namioty handlowe VITABRI V2 4x6m wystawy
namioty handlowe VITABRI V2 4x6m wystawy
  namioty handlowe VITABRI V2 5x5m Lubinpex


By introducing innovations, we decided to procure green materials for printing from the latest environmentally friendly trends. The knowledge and competences of our team make us flexible and competitive in action.

Tent coatings are very precisely made of the highest quality materials: Polish or high-grade German polyester 210-280g/m2, French acrylic 300g/m2 or Portuguese PVC 450g/m2 with M2 flame retardant certificate.

Selected materials guarantee a long life, esthetic appearance and resistance to weather conditions such as UV exposure (fading) or 100% water resistance.



The full color range of our materials is available HERE

The VITABRI commercial tent is an original and attractive way of marketing communication. A well-thought-out commercial stand that attracts the customers’ attention is already half the battle! It should be visible, ensure brand recognition and at the same time be elegant, presenting your products in a professional way.


Tents with overprint in whole or in part, on a wall or on the roof drain, are a proven self-promotion measure - it gives maximum benefits at a low cost! You will see how quickly our printed tents will become your indispensable advertising tool during fairs or other types of exhibitions.

Each VITABRI commercial tent is not only an advertisement; it is also a shelter for staff and goods against unfavorable weather conditions. VITABRI structures are very durable and the tent coatings are 100% waterproof, so neither wind nor rain will hinder your work.

Our VITABRI commercial tents are lightweight, reliable and easy to assemble. You can choose from a variety of VITABRI options that will make your daily work easier. VITABRI will provide you with a solution. Feel free to contact us.


namioty handlowe VITABRI V3 piekarnia
namioty handlowe VITABRI
namiot handlowy VITABRI jarmarki targi wystawy
namioty jarmark miasto katowice VITABRI V3 3x3m
namiot handlowy VITABRI V3 2x3m
namioty targowe VITABRI namioty na rynki
namiot handlowy VITABRI V3 3x3m
namiot handlowy VITABRI V3 3x6m STORE
namiot szybkorozkladalny VITABRI V3 3x3m
namioty handlowe VITABRI namioty na rynki


Namioty handlowe Vitabri już obecne na rynkach w sercu miast !

Rynek w Valence

Jarmark Bożonarodzeniowy w Walencji był wielkim sukcesem w grudniu 2009 roku, dzięki stworzeniu stoisk specjalnie urządzonych dla świąt Bożego Narodzenia.

Targ angielski

Vitabri przez wiele lat, jest obecne w Wielkiej Brytanii. Angielskie Miasta,  rynki pełne smakołyków, zaufały namiotom Vitabri.

Jarmarki rycerskie

Popularność Jarmarków  Rycerskich w ostatnich latach bardzo wzrosła. W 2010 roku, nie mniej niż na 323 rynkach odbyły  się Jarmarki we Francji! Vitabri oferuje swoje know-how, aby zaoferować najpiękniejsze stoiska !

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